enter code is the device specially made for those TV that is not smart or unable to play any streaming channel on it. After 11 years of the successful streaming service by Roku, now Roku has established complete coverage over making every TV in the United States Smart. One can purchase this device from any online shopping platform and install it on your TV. Purchasing is a simple process but installation becomes quite complicated. So to make it simple we have this article simply explaining the fast procedure for the Roku setup. Let’s move forward and complete all the setup.

Learn to set up physical components of

  • First, grab the wall plug as well the micro USB cable and join them
  • Then plug one end of the USB cable to the Roku device and another end in the power supply
  • Next, plug the USB port on the Roku link device, you’ll see an HDMI port
  • Plugin one end of the HDMI cable here and the other end to the TV HDMI port
  • Mount the device on the wall if needed and turn on it for further process

Tuning your TV with the Roku device

  • After turning on the TV, press the Input button or any similar button on the TV
  • Now select the correct HDMI option on the TV
  • Now the Roku logo must be visible on your TV screen. If it’s not then check the input source of your TV
  • This was all about Tuning of TV

On-Screen Setup Completion on TV

  • Here you will need remote so enter the batteries into the remote to make it usable
  • On the TV screen, select the language as English
  • Now the device scans for the wireless connection. If you’re connected to the ethernet connection then the process skips itself
  • After selection and input of the password to the wireless connection, checkmarks appear on your screen
  • Once you’re connected the Roku will download the latest software available
  • Then it selects the display type of the TV. Select the screen looks good option and it’s done
  • If the display is not visible properly then select no, again select the resolution and confirm it.
  • Now the display of your screen will show you an activation code

Online activation of your Roku device

This includes, linking of the Roku device and creation of Roku account

Linking of Roku device to the account

  • It will require an android device with a web browser
  • Open the link on the web browser of your android device
  • Then enter the Activation code displayed on your TV screen here
  • Now you will need to create an account on the Roku device
  • For creating, we have separately given all the account process below in detail
  • Then select the channels from the list of channels and click continue
  • After completing all this stuff finally, your TV screen will display ‘All Done’ and after that, all the streaming channels with the show will be available in front of you
  • Enjoy it with your family and purchase the Pro-pack want more channels

Roku Account Creation

  • After entering the activation code, Roku will ask you to log in to your account
  • Log in if you have an account, If not then select Create a new account
  • While creating an account you’ll need to enter your personal information such as First Name, Last Name, Email address and create a strong password.
  • After completing all the verification formalities, click on the continue button
  • For the final step, will ask you for your card details
  • Submit the card details. Don’t worry about the payment. None of the money will be deducted from your account unless you actively purchase any plan